Unlike other sites purportedly esoteric, Webcam Mediums features only natural Psychics, with years of experience and success behind them.

1 - Your satisfaction is our top priority. You will not find on our site, computerized tarots or horoscopes. Only live Psychics, ready to help you with whom you can chat for free, or consult in private.

2 - The conduct of a consultation depends on you and if you have specific questions to ask. It is your responsibility to choose your psychic according to its specifications and the affinity you feel. You are also responsible for defining the problem that concerns you, unless you want a general consultation.

3 - Our Psychics and Mediums, agree not to raise false hopes. Do not consult if you are afraid of the truth. But know also that you can, by your attitude and your positivity, change the course of events. It is here that our Psychics have the ability to give you some hope.

4 - Webcam Mediums agrees to follow its customers and never leave a consultant without a clear and satisfactory answer.

5 - Honesty and interest of our customers are an integral part of our charter. Webcam Mediums agrees to intervene and investigate all forms of abuse that you might feel a victim of by other Psychics.

6 - Clarity and transparency are among the qualities required from our Psychics and Mediums. Regular surveys are made to ensure the smooth running of a meeting. All Psychics and Mediums promise never to abuse the trust of customers, whether they are in distress, or any fraudulent practices that may mislead the customer in error.

7- Divination is not scientifically accepted. The advice provided as well as the accuracy of predictions made by the advisers in our network cannot be guaranteed and should be viewed primarily as entertainment. Allthough, we guarantee the seriousness of our team.

9 - All of our Lights and Mediums are committed to consultations free of medical diagnosis or any form of health-related prognosis.

10 - All information you provide will remain confidential.

11 - This site is reserved for major customers. Minors will be immediately reported to the site and our internal administration.