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Gifts: clairvoyance, mediumnity , astral, telepathy
Specialties: love, money, work, health, family, far future
Experience (years): 10 to 19
Language spoken: English, French
Materials used: love life, relationships, karmic debts, spiritual life lessons, life path, dream interpretation
Natural medium, or experience acquired: natal chart, life path, numerological profile, future reading, birth card, tarrot
Healer: dream interpretation, hypnose, regresion, karmic debts, karmic lessons
Main areas of work: astrology, numerology, vedic charts, chinese astrology- BaZi and the fourth pillars of life
Main gifts: moon sign compatibility, venus sign compatibility, synastry charts and composite charts, marriage compatibility
Positive moments: I ve helped more than 3000 persons in my career as an astrologer and numerologist and I like helping people and discovering they always come back to me with pleasure and confirming me that i was right and I was accurate. This is the best reward for me and it s encouraging me to continue my way.
Vocation discovery: When i was very young I discovered that the spirit can help us and guide us in our life and that above this material world there is a power above all , we are not alone and we can help eachother more
Your spectacular successes (if any): my success consists in natal chart interpretation and vibration of the life path.I like to dig deeper in the destiny chart and tell you things about your life, written since the time when u were born and I can help you decode your destiny and the imprinted energies of the universe.
Code of ethics: I always respect the client and Im very confident, trustworthy, serious and reliable.


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